The Gaze of Jesus Crucifixion Art Print For Sale

60% of proceeds to go to the UN World Food Programme.

The remaining balance is split between printing, postage, the Canadian Food Bank, and a little for the artist.

About The Art

As an artist, John Hood is always looking for a subject matter that everyone, regardless of age or location in the world, can connect or relate with. John says, “As an Artist, once we decide upon our subject matter, we usually eat, work, and sleep the image. It was during my sleep that this image became the clearest for me.”

The Gaze of Jesus was done in pointillism, a form of meditative art that when performed properly, draws the viewer in to participate. John says, "I love the piece so much I want more people to hold a treasure just like His Holy Father. A lot of fine art is never seen by the public, as it is usually held in private collections, but this time the global public has an opportunity to hold a real treasure. Besides, Jesus was a people person and the people should have the right to hold him.

"I am reminded of my bible reading, about Jesus's feeding the masses with a meagre beginning of five loaves and two fish. For change to happen, all the tribes of the world have to come together to show compassion and dignity by feeding them, healing their pain, nurturing their young, burying their dead. If we do all that, that is the starting point. Everyone can work together to heal the earth. Jesus is the change. Today we are called to be instruments of that change.”

About Artist John Hood

John Hood lives in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. He runs a gardening service that enhances the interconnectedness of his clients' gardens, and prefers not to use power tools because they disrupt the atmosphere in the gardens. He volunteers at the Heritage Orchard at the BC Forest Discovery Centre where he has created two educational projects, including Adopt a Tree. Through his Facebook page Global Soil Challenge he promotes different organizations around the world who are making an effort to rebuild Earth’s soil.

John has been appointed to the Royal Court of Rochefort and their Foundation, which does humanitarian work around the world. John is also an Ambassador for Energime Univesity to promote their global work on the environment.

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